And The Next Amigurumi Series Is…

Why is it that when you’re in the middle of a crochet project, you get so excited about your next project that you just want to stop what you’re working on and skip ahead?

That is exactly how I feel about the next series of amigurumi patterns I’ve decided to work up!

I took a poll a little while ago, and while there weren’t many responses recorded on the poll itself, I had a lot of people weigh in verbally with me.

So the next series of amigurumi patterns from Two Hearts Crochet will be… *insert drumroll here*


I am SO EXCITED about getting started on these guys that I am so tempted to skip a few princesses and come back to them later, but…

Pocahontas is still staring angrily at me from the coffee table (also known as “crafting purgatory”). To be fair, she does have a body and half a leg now. But I don’t think I can just stop on the princess progress–not with six more to go!

So what do you think about the upcoming series of amigurumi patterns? Are you as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments!

(Please comment–I really want to know! Commenting is definitely not a moo point.)


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