Disney Princess Countdown

Happy Thursday, crafters!

I am excited for the coming weekend because it means more time for crochet! Huzzah!

Pocahontas is currently about 35% completed, and I hope to have her (and her pattern) done before the weekend actually starts.

I think Mulan will be pretty easy, once I figure out which outfit to make her in.

Below is the list of the Disney Princess patterns yet to come!

Princess Patterns Remaining:

  • Pocahontas (Should be done by Friday night. Yay!)
  • Mulan (Green dress, pink dress, or warrior outfit? Either way, I should be able to get her done over the weekend.)
  • Tiana (Complicated dress details should be fun to figure out…Might take about a week for the fine details.)
  • Rapunzel (Another week for the girl with the dream. Don’t get me started on that hair!)
  • Merida (Pattern is already about halfway finished! Should take just another day, if I hurry up with it!)
  • Anna (Not too complicated, I think. A couple days, maybe?)
  • Elsa (The blue dress shouldn’t be that hard to do, but the hair? She will easily take up the other half of that week)

So, if I can manage to stay on schedule, the entire Disney Princess roster should be completed in 3-4 weeks! I can’t wait!

Got something in princess patterns you want to see? Maybe you want to see Mulan in pink or Anna in her coronation gown? Tell me in the comments!

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