Progress Report: Mulan

Happy Friday, crafters!

I was so close to being finished with Mulan last night! I had half of the pieces for her hair made, but they turned out to be much too long, and I didn’t have enough time to start anew before going to bed.


She is currently hairless, but that’s okay! I will be able to make the pieces for her hair tonight, and I’m going to learn from my Pocahontas hair mistakes and actually block the pieces so that they’ll lay straight for Mulan. Besides her hair, all that is missing is the eyeliner for her eyes, a little needlework on the dress, and then any fun accessories I can think of! (Fan? Sword? Mushu? Who knows!)

Pattern will be up SOON! Hopefully tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Friday, and happy crafting!

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