Upcoming Projects

Happy Friday, crafters!

This week has seemed to go on forever and ever…I am so glad that the weekend is at hand!

I still don’t know if Mr. M. and I will be traveling to the west side for a family shindig next weekend, but I thought I’d better be prepared with presents for the kiddos just in case…

So! Upcoming projects:

  • Small Fry Sarah wants my Disney princesses. All of them. What she doesn’t know is that she’s getting them for Christmas, so… I think I’ll make her either a Rapunzel doll with short brown hair OR a Peter Pan & Wendy set. (I’m leaning towards the folks from Neverland, myself.)
  • Zacharoni has a spiky dinosaur hat coming his way (pattern coming soon, I promise!), so that’s pretty easy. Plus, he may inherit a certain set of Batman legos in my collection…
  • Ninja Turtles! A friend of mine loves them, and after making my Mini Squirtle pattern, I thought it could easily be altered to make those pizza-loving reptiles!

As of right now, that’s most of what I have planned for the immediate future. Once we get into fall, I’ll focus a little more on my crochet Nativity set I’ve been plotting, but it’s much too early to be thinking about that right now.

So what fun projects do you have planned?

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