Crafting is hard.

Crafting is hard.

At least, it is when you’ve got a hundred other things going on in life. (Then again, every crafter knows this to be true.)

I’ve started a beautiful corner-to-corner striped afghan for my nephew’s birthday, and I’m roughly 25% done with it. I’m also (still) in the process of making seven (!) Minion hats for family and friends. And I’m also working on my crafts for Project #LoveAPatriot. Then there’s the other long-term projects, like the mini Ninja Turtles and Star Trek characters.

I could handle all of that, if it weren’t for real life getting in the way. (Perhaps this post should be titled “Adulting is hard.”)

August is proving to be a busy (and exciting!) month, both at work and at home. Mr. M. and I are celebrating our sixth year together towards the end of the month, and I’ve been spending the first few days of this month working on preparations for a bit 25th birthday bash that I’m throwing myself.

The birthday bash requires a lot more time than I had originally intended. (Whoops.) But, after I figured out a few details, things are slowly falling into place. And the best part is that everyone is getting really excited about it! There will be treats and drinks and costumes and books and WONDERFUL people–I can’t wait!

Maybe I can. There’s still a lot left to do for this book-themed shindig, especially for the decorations. And the food. And, basically, everything.

But it will be amazing, and there will be pictures as proof.

I suppose in the meantime, I’ll have to sneak in a few minutes of crocheting here and there. After all, I need three of those Minion hats in about a week’s time!

Hope your crafting time isn’t being usurped by real life like mine,

– Alex

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