Tuesday Tip: Storing Your Hooks

This week’s Tuesday Tip is brief and also kind of clever, and it’s all about storing your crochet hooks.

A while back, I posted the following photo as a means of storing my hooks so that they were nice and handy–and, perhaps most importantly, out of the way.

This little plastic cup is actually a razor holder for your shower, and I used some 3M Command sticky hooks to hold it up. I placed it on the side of my 9-cube unit in which I store my yarn.


The nice thing about this storage method is that it holds quite a few hooks and keeps them off the surface of the cube unit, which means I have more room on top for other things, such as buttons, measuring tapes, and safety eyes.


Most recently, Mr. M. has been working on installing wall-to-wall bookcases with lots of shelves. Since I loved having all my yarn right there in the living room, I knew I would have to use up some of those new bookshelves for my yarn–which means I’d need a new storage solution for my hooks.

I wanted something pretty and simple, something I could change later if I wanted. So I went to my local Michaels and picked up this simple Libbey Glass Tower vase for only a few dollars.


And then I filled it with my crochet hooks and my knitting needles.


It’s exactly what I was hoping for, and it looks amazing on the bookshelf. If I get more hooks (let’s be real–that’s definitely going to happen), I can buy another vase, or I can buy a larger one. It can go right on the bookshelf with my collection of yarn-related books. Love!

How do YOU store YOUR hooks?


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