Tuesday Tip: Hat Sizing Charts

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

If you follow some of the large crochet blogs out there, then you may have already seen this: it’s a wonderful hat sizing guide!

Hat Size Chart for Preemie through Adult {Free Printable} | #crochet #knit #hat #chart #printable

This hat sizing guide was created by Cyndi Byars and shared on the Petals to Picots blog yesterday. This 4-page pdf printout guide is particularly neat because it includes standard crown and hat height measurements by which you can crochet your hats, and (even more neat) it includes cutout templates so that you don’t have to measure!

I go back and forth on where I stand on measuring (some days I love it, some days I don’t), but this handy guide takes the guesswork out of the whole ordeal. It’s perfect for those who are new to making hats or for us old veterans!

Download the guide here and keep crafting on!

*Image from Petals to Picots blog.

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