Coming Soon: The Whovian CAL!

Who loves Who as much as I do?

I’ve decided to embark on a rather fun and exciting crochet journey to celebrate the start of the newest season of Doctor Who, which premieres this Saturday! Sadly, I don’t get BBC America, so I won’t be able to enjoy the new season until it comes out on DVD.

So to keep the Doctor and his adventures close at hand, I will be hosting a Whovian-themed crochet along (CAL) right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog!

This CAL will be made up of nine different squares worked in the C2C method featuring several beloved characters from the show! Each square is a 30×30 grid worked in the double crochet stitch. If you want to learn the C2C method or just want to brush up on your skills, hop on over to the Crochet Crowd and view their amazing video tutorial!


If you love Who as much as I do, then you’ll love this CAL!

I’m hoping to have the graph for the first square uploaded tomorrow, so stay tuned for more details.



14 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The Whovian CAL!”

      1. I get a season pass on Amazon to watch. The episodes are available to watch the day after they air.

        I have no idea how I found your link, maybe a FB group. Do you have your own group for this. I’d love to make this with you. 🙂


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