Review: Ikea’s Raskog Utility Cart

Confession: I have a horrible, horrible habit of leaving balls of yarn around my house. On the couch, on the chair, on my other chair, on the table… It’s a mess.

My permanent yarn storage space is still under construction. Mr. M. has been busy constructing some built-in bookcases (or yarn cases!) on either side of our fireplace. One half of the project is built and installed (minus the trim); the other half is still out in the shop.


In the meantime, I have a small storage-cube system that I’ve been using to hold my yarn. There are two problems with this system:

  1. My yarn stash has exceeded the unit’s storage capacity
  2. The built-in “yarn case” has taken over this unit’s home (leaving this storage unit with no place to go but the center of my living room).

So what’s a crafter to do?

Enter: the Ikea Raskog Utility Cart.

Ikea Cart-1

This cart is wonderful. It’s 3-tiered and comes with plastic casters to roll around on (we plan to replace those with rubber ones from the hardware store to help protect our floors).

I purchased this cart from Ikea for $29.99 (plus $10.00 in shipping). It comes in three different colors: dark gray (pictured above), turquoise and beige.

If you aren’t close to an Ikea or don’t want to wait for it to come in the mail, you can purchase one at Target for $35.99 (free shipping), though I’ve only found it in gray.

Ikea Cart-2

I absolutely love this cart. It was easy to put together, it’s sturdy, and it rolls effortlessly on my wooden floors and on my area rugs. It’s also made of steel, so if you have any fun magnets, you can put them on there! (These magnetic spice tins from Amazon would be perfect!)

The bottom shelf is perfect for holding the finished squares of the Whovian CAL (and they look so pretty there). The middle shelf (bonus: it’s adjustable!) holds my crochet hooks, knitting needles, and other miscellaneous supplies such as safety eyes, stitch markers and row counters. And the top shelf currently holds my go-to yarns! I can grab a skein of whichever yarn I need without having to go rummage through the pile of yarn on the chair… That’s improvement, right?

I’m also planning to work up some kind of bobbin holder to attach to the back side of the cart for working with color changes on graphghans. I’m envisioning something that hangs off the back, but Mr. M. is much better at coming up with solutions to unique problems such as bobbin entanglement. I’ll share when we’ve figured something out!

Hope you have an extra-crafty weekend!

— Alex

3 thoughts on “Review: Ikea’s Raskog Utility Cart”

  1. Did you have any luck replacing those casters with soft rubber ones? What stem size did you use? I am having a hard time figuring out exactly which thread to use for mine.


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