Tuesday Tip: C2C Photo Tutorial from String To A Thing

Happy Tuesday, crafters!

With the Harry Potter CAL only three (!) days away, I have been trying to find some decent photo tutorials and other various tips and tricks to help out newcomers to the C2C method.

After some careful internet searching, I stumbled upon the wonderful Gina and her String To A Thing blog. Not only does she have some GREAT printables (I’m loving that autism awareness granny square blanket!), but she also has some great tutorials!

Her C2C tutorial is, in a word, wonderful. Her pictures are clear, her directions are spot-on, and it even comes in a downloadable PDF that lists just the written instructions, if you’re not into photo tutorials.

You can find the photo tutorial here and the photo-less tutorial here.

Whether you’re new to C2C or just need a refresher, this photo tutorial does the trick. Happy crafting!

Note: This photo tutorial is worked using DC. I will be using HDC for the Harry Potter CAL. I will have a video tutorial on how to modify the C2C stitch to use HDC instead of DC uploaded to the blog soon (hopefully tomorrow)!

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