Progress Report: The Star Wars CAL

It’s Friday–finally! I spent the last few days at home sick, but I was able to get a jump start on the first panel of our Star Wars CAL, which starts next Friday, April 1st.


I’m exactly halfway through with this panel, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. The Hobby Lobby I Love This Metallic Yarn in black looks STUNNING against the Vanna’s Choice in mustard, especially in person. I can’t wait to get the other half done!

I wanted to get a head start on this panel so that it would definitely be finished in time to be posted with the PDF pattern next Friday. The color changes are incredibly easy to do when using straight HDC–the only problem is that doing each block with 2×2 HDC makes this more time consuming than I had originally thought it would be. Instead of being 40×75, my panel is now essentially 80×150.

This is the largest panel of the entire blanket, so it will take the most time to complete. But, thanks to my two-day head start (head cold and all), I definitely plan to have it ready to photograph in time for the start of our CAL!

I will be making a video tutorial on the straight HDC method in conjunction with my CAL graphs (which are designed for C2C). Hopefully I will have that video tutorial up and available on the blog this weekend!

In the meantime, happy crafting, and have a great (and healthy!) weekend!!


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