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May the Force Be With You (Star Wars CAL)

Happy Friday and happy April, crafters! Today marks an exciting day in the Two Hearts Crochet family: it’s the first day of our Star Wars CAL! *cue Imperial March music*

This CAL will consist of a one large center panel (40×75), two long side panels (90×11), and six smaller inner panels/squares (25×25).

I will be using straight HDC, but I will be doing 2 HDCs per “block” and I will be doubling the rows (essentially making each block 2×2). Don’t worry; as soon as I get my voice back (thanks, cold and flu season), I will be making a video tutorial to help out.

Today’s panel is the center panel, and it’s definitely the largest (as far as volume). It comes in two different versions: one that says “STAR WARS” and another that says “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”, so you can make whichever one your heart desires!

Star Wars CAL Panel 1-1

Star Wars CAL Panel 1-2

Using HDC is probably a little more time-consuming for me, since I’m so used to the C2C, but I love the way it looks! I’ve also noticed that my panel lays nice and neat and doesn’t appear stretched at the corners, which was a problem for me with C2C. So far, I’m in love!

You can download the PDF for either panel via the links below:

STAR WARS Panel PDF with Written Instructions

MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU Panel PDF with Written Instructions

EDIT: There was a grave error with the written instructions in the PDFs for these panels. I have since fixed the problem; you can download the corrected PDFs via the links above.

Each PDF contains an overview of the graph that fits on one page (which you can print if you don’t marking off small blocks), a larger split-version of the graph that fits on two pages (which you can print, trim and tape together if you want larger blocks), and written instructions for working the panel in straight HDC, doubling up the rows/stitches as I am. (Confused? More concise instructions are in the PDF.)

Next week, I’ll be releasing the PDF for both of the light saber panels!

I’m hoping to have my voice back this weekend, and if I do, I will be making a video tutorial on how I’m reading the graphs and doubling up on my HDC stitches. If all works out, I hope to have that video uploaded shortly thereafter!

In the meantime, happy crafting, and may the (crafting) Force be with you!


34 thoughts on “May the Force Be With You (Star Wars CAL)”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have started. Quick question…when I zoom in on your photo it doesn’t look like 12 rows of black before the yellow begins. It looks like 6. But maybe my eyes aren’t what they used to be! There are 6 rows of blocks on the chart so I am supposed to make 12 rows before the yellow color begins right? I am doing bobble stitch for the words! This is gonna be humongous and beautiful!! Lol.


    1. Your eyes are correct! There are 6 rows on the chart, but I’m doing 2 HDC per “block” and doubling each row, essentially doing 80 rows high instead of 40. Not sure how that will work with the bobble stitch as I have not used that before!


  2. How long will this CAL last? How often will the clues be released? I would like to do this for my Spanish Exchange student…but she will be leaving to go back to Spain in June…Thanks!


  3. Simple question here that I didn’t see mentioned in the post: how long will the CAL last? I’m in a Star Wars-themed wedding in July, so I’m *considering* this as a wedding gift. Thanks so much!


  4. Hi I am trying to figure out how much yarn to buy. Reading your chart it says 6.67 under skeins of ILTY in the sparkle black for the Star Wars panel. Does that mean that it is going to take more than six skeins of yarn to make that one panel?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, but I’m not very familiar with a lot of them. I know Caron makes a sparkly black yarn that would work great. Other big yarn-carrying stores have other similar yarns! You can also crochet a plain black yarn with silver or gold thread to get a similar look.


  5. Hello Alex, I have just come across this and am so excited to make this for my husband who is a huge Starwars fan. I just love your work. Thank you for sharing this 🙂


    1. Hi Alex, I have finally got this underway and have finished the centre piece. I am just about to start the light sabers and I am sure I read on here some where what to do with the outline of the handles because they are black and the background is too. Can you point me in the right direction for this please? Thanks 😉


  6. Hello Alex! just a quick question – I am doing the Star Wars CAL!! SO excited to do this and I will be gifting it to my Dad! I swear I read how to connect the Panels but I can’t find it anywhere? could you please let me know?! Thanks 🙂


  7. So just to make sure I understand correctly before I get started, each row including the yellow letters are done twice? Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Lynn–that’s correct! You’ll do 2 sc per block on the graph, then you’ll go back and do the same row from the graph again, working in the opposite direction of the graph so that your color changes line up.


      1. I was thinking I would use the written version. So from what you said, I am understanding that like on row 7. It starts with 28B and ends with 34 B. When I do it the second time I will start with the 34B and end with 28B. Then onto row 8. Right? Sorry to be so much trouble lol. Thanks for all your help!!


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