Grab your gear!

As you may know, I’ve been struggling with my crojo these last several days. I did manage to finish my Darth Vader square, and I hope to start the Storm Trooper tonight, but I am just not that into it lately.

Every night for the last several months, Mr. M. and I have sat down after dinner and watched an episode or two of one of our favorite shows: N.C.I.S.

Now, I know I’ve got a lot of projects going on–CALs to work on, Star Trek amigurumi patterns to write, etc.–but I just couldn’t help myself…

So here’s my “side” project: a little bit of N.C.I.S. to take home!


This N.C.I.S. pattern packet will contain patterns for Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ziva and Ducky. It will also include a fun pattern for min N.C.I.S. field jackets (and maybe hats)!

Aside from Abby’s crazy braided pigtails that just won’t lay flat, I’ve only got two more on my list to make: Ziva and Ducky. The lighting in this photo isn’t all that good, but I assure you that tiny Tony DiNozzo is just as dashing as he is on the show! And just look at that mini Gibbs! Ah!

Anyway, I hope to have this pattern released soon. The most complicated things left to figure out are Ziva’s ponytail and Ducky’s bow tie–and that should be pretty easy.

Four down, two to go! #GibbsSlap #NCIS



10 thoughts on “Grab your gear!”

  1. I have a question on the light sabers on row 11 I believe there are 4 stitches missing. Should it be 4B, 4BL,6SG, 4BL, 4B? I don’t want to proceed and not have it right. Thanks !!!


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