Corner-To-Corner Nintendo Controller Blanket

There’s perhaps nothing quite as nostalgic (and awesome) as a classic Nintendo. I’m talking Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Duck Hunt–all classic games from an era where games were about pure fun and friendly competition. After all, who hasn’t held an all-night Tetris marathon, am I right?

Some of you know that I had purposefully set aside the last couple months of the year to work on a project for my brother for Christmas. I’ve been struggling for a while as to what to make him (he’s a 22-year-old gamer geek), but I finally decided on a project that highlights my favorite stitch–C2C–and that would be relatively quick, relatively easy, and full-on awesome.

If you’re looking for a crochet project for the gamer in your life, then look no further.

This is the Corner-To-Corner Nintendo Controller Blanket, and I’m so excited to start.


I modeled the design after the sleek, boxy goodness of the original NES controller, pictured below:

Image result

All of the letters will be made separately, either by hand-stitch them directly onto the blanket or by using these letters from Moogly. The A&B circle buttons will be made by working in the round and making circle appliques to sew directly onto the blanket.

You can download the PDF graph here.

Please note that this is a graph-only pattern; I don’t have any plans at this time to work up written instructions or a color/yardage chart. (However, if you’re using Vanna’s Choice yarns, I’d recommend these colors: Black, Silver Heather, Charcoal Grey and Scarlet.)

I’m hoping to finish up a couple of projects this weekend so that I can get started on this blanket pronto. Get your retro geek on and join me!

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