The Crafters Have Chosen: it’s a Peanuts CAL!

Hello, crafters! A short while ago, we announced the upcoming CALs for 2017. We also asked your help in determining what our third and final CAL for next year should be in this poll, and we’re excited to say that the results are finally in!

It was a close run between a Muppets and a Peanuts CAL, but the Peanuts gang finally won out by only a few hundred votes. Muppet fans disappointed? Don’t worry! Because it was such a popular option amongst our voters, it’s at the top of the list of CAL options for 2018.

The Peanuts CAL will begin in August 2017. More details regarding designs and layout are to come in the near future, but I’m expecting for there to be a lot of great squares!

5 thoughts on “The Crafters Have Chosen: it’s a Peanuts CAL!”

  1. Having spent this Christmas break introducing the 5yo to Charlie Brown’s Christmases, I’m reckoning this will be a definite project for 2017. However, I’ve never done graphgan crochet before. Can you recommend a Youtube tutorial?


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