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Pillows, Polls and Progress Reports

Happy Monday, crafters!

It’s been a busy weekend for us in the Two Hearts house.

In case you missed it, I finally got around to sharing the pattern for the Bobble Sheep Pillows here on the blog yesterday. The pattern is free on the blog, but if you’re interested, I also have an easy-to-read PDF version available for purchase from my Etsy shop, which you can find here.

Aren’t they cute?

In other news, I also finished the pattern for my Mini Moana Ami, and she is being tested now. Testing for Anna, Elsa and Merida will finish this weekend, and testing for Moana will finish in a couple of weeks. This means that ALL of the princess will be available on the blog soon! Here’s a preview of Moana (who has just become my favorite of all our Mini Princess Amis):

This also means that we’re going to be starting some more mini amis in the near-ish future! Vote in the poll below and let me know which fandom of characters you’d like to see most. Voting will end soon, and you can add other answers to the poll, if you like. These were just my top faves!

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