The Peanuts Graphghan

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Happy Friday, everyone!

I’m knee-deep in projects and various things in my home life, so I am unfortunately not going to be able to personally make this fun Peanuts graphghan. But that’s good news for you!

Because I decided there just wasn’t time for me to make the blanket myself, I knew there wasn’t any real reason to stagger the release of these designs–so they’re all coming out at once!

You can download all of the graphs for the Peanuts grapghan here.

Please note that because I am still working on the “written instructions” for these graphs, there are only three downloadable links on the Peanuts page:

  • the yardage chart
  • a file with ALL of the graphs (graphs only)
  • a file with the graph for Charlie Brown AND the C2C written instructions

I am working on the written instructions for the other graphs now, and I will get them posted later today. Keep checking back every so often; they don’t take too long to write up, so they’ll be posted throughout the day.

Have a super crafty weekend!

8 thoughts on “The Peanuts Graphghan”

  1. I don’t want to point out a mistake but I believe on your yardage chart for the Charlie Brown square you have the count for the black squares and the sunshine squares transposed… I think it should be 200 black and 398 sunshine..


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