Crochet Along Projects!

We’re a geeky bunch of folk here at Two Hearts Crochet. If you’re looking for a great project, why not try one of the crochet along projects (CALs) below?

We’ve got everything from Doctor Who to Dinosaurs. Check them out!

You can also check out our scheduled CALs here!

The Whovian CAL!

Who loves Who? I do! I do! To celebrate the newest season of Doctor Who, I will be hosting a Whovian-themed crochet along (CAL) right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog! This CAL is made up of nine different squares worked in the C2C method featuring several beloved characters from the show! Each square works up … Continue reading The Whovian CAL!

The Harry Potter CAL!

Ever since we first met the Boy Who Lived back in 1997, the story of Harry Potter has touched the lives of millions of people around the world. I grew up with Harry Potter–I waited for my owl!–and I know that so many of you did, too. To express my love for the Harry Potter … Continue reading The Harry Potter CAL!

The Star Wars CAL!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… If you’ve read my “Upcoming CALs” page, then you probably already know that we will be having a Star Wars crochet along from April to May this year. Excited? Me too! This CAL will consist of a one large center panel (40×75), two long side panels … Continue reading The Star Wars CAL!

The Star Trek Lapghan CAL!

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its four-week mission: to explore strange new squares, to seek out new yarns and new stitches, to boldly go where no CAL has gone before… Okay, spoiler: I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Bonus, I’m always cold! Put the two together and what do we get? … Continue reading The Star Trek Lapghan CAL!

The Princess & Villains CAL!

Once upon a time, in a far away land, Two Hearts Crochet hosts a Princess & Villains CAL! There are a total of 25 squares (13 princesses, 12 villains), so there are be plenty of different combinations to make! Personally, I will be making ALL of the squares, so I’ve recommended mini C2C with a size D-3/3.25mm … Continue reading The Princess & Villains CAL!

The Dino CAL!

Rawr! That’s dinosaur for “Hello, crafters!” Welcome to the Dino CAL! The Dino CAL consists of six squares worked in the corner-to-corner method using DC and a size H/5.00mm hook. The squares feature a velociraptor, pterodactyl, triceratops, brontasaurus, stegasourus, and a t-rex. Want to get a head start? You can now download the yarn color/yardage … Continue reading The Dino CAL!

The Firefly CAL!

take my love take my land take me where I cannot stand I don’t care I’m still free you can’t take the sky from me – The Ballad of Serenity – Attention all browncoats! You may have heard that we’l be hosting a Firefly CAL right here on the Two Hearts Crochet blog, and you’d … Continue reading The Firefly CAL!

Game of Thrones CAL!

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.” – Cersei Lannister – Rally the realm–the Game of Thrones CAL is coming! This is possible one of the most exciting projects we’ve had in a while. While we at Two Hearts Crochet love all things geeky, we especially love Game of Thrones. Here’s … Continue reading Game of Thrones CAL!

Houses of Hogwarts CAL!

Help us celebrate the Two Hearts Crochet blog’s 2nd birthday with a truly magical project! The Blog Birthday Mystery CAL is being finally being revealed… It’s a Houses of Hogwarts Mini CAL! I call this a Mini CAL because you can work on it as you please, whenever it fits your schedule. These patterns, like all … Continue reading Houses of Hogwarts CAL!

56 thoughts on “Crochet Along Projects!

  1. Emer says:

    I stumbled across your blog while doing research to learn the C2C method (fantastic thing, I must say). And, can I say, you are FANTASTIC (nod to the Ninth). Finding the posts about your recent Who-CAL was like a big hug (gushy-tears accompanying). It is my next project! And I hope to join you with the HP-CAL, as well!

    Anyways, I happened to read that you are a fan of the nerdy (jumping and waving happily). I wondered if you had ideas about a Firefly-CAL… Possibly in the future?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Noema says:

    Hi, I’m excited to be doing the Harry Potter CAL. One question…I missed the release of the colors for this. I am going this weekend to buy the yarn for this. So I would appreciate and be so happy if you can point me in the right direction to find them. Thank you so much!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Megan says:

    I just came across your blog. I just started doing graphghan and I want to make everything! I just started researching c2c and it looks pretty simple so I can’t wait to try it. I’m still trying to figure out how to make graphs on my own so I can do other pictures. Any tips? Now I need to run to the store so I can start the whovian blanket. My husband will love it!


  4. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for the Harry Potter CAL, Harry Potter is my absolute favorite. I am joining in on my very first C2C blanket. Thank you for the east to follow charts. Your the best. Looking forward to the Star Wars charts. Please keep your talent flowing. 😃


  5. Melissa says:

    I am doing this and I love the up Close faces. I made a Draco last night on excel with your how make your own graphs tutorial. I will say I am quite proud of it! If you wanna see it let me know. And is it okay if I blog and gush about your awesome site while I do this project? I will not be posting any of your images. Just link back to you about where to find the CAL?


  6. Sandra says:

    Hello I love c2c and want to make your Afghanis for my 20something children one loves hp one loves Dr who any chance of a pokemon cal for the other one !! I’m no good at designing things


    • Two Hearts Crochet says:

      There is a definite chance of a Pokemon CAL in the future–me and my siblings LOVE Pokemon, so it’s definitely something I’d want to do! I’ve got 2016 booked pretty tightly for CALs, so there won’t be anything for a while. However, I also design custom graphs ($5 per 25×25 square), so if you need a Pokemon design asap, that’s an option!


  7. Andrea says:

    I just found your site through a post from another group I am involved with I really like what I am seeing and will hope to be joining you cal’s because I know a lot of friends that love these show’s and movies. I have never done a graph afghan and I am excited to learn these projects.
    I will be checking back and looking into these wonderful projects. The talent here is very inspiring Thank you


  8. Britta Zain says:

    Hi there, I am from Germany and would also like to take part in the Star Wars CAL. Unfortunately there is no hobbylobby here and i am searching the net for the right yarn. Maybe you have suggestion for me???

    Thanks and have a nice weekend


  9. Nicole Wells says:

    Any chance of you doing an Avenger one at some point? I know I have my hands full with wanting to do the HP and Whovian one, but down the road… 🙂


    • Two Hearts Crochet says:

      Hi Crystal,

      At this time, I don’t think I’ll be making a Once Upon a Time CAL. I haven’t seen the show (though it’s on my very long to-watch list), and I just don’t know enough about it to do justice to the design.

      But I believe the Facebook group “Hook Line and Singer” has a OUAT CAL happening! Be sure to check them out! 🙂


  10. Laura says:

    I’m sorry for the stupid question, but I cannot get the hang of c2c. Do projects such as your HP CAL have to be done in this fashion? I am just starting but would love to try a graphgan as a pillow for my great-niece for Christmas if I am able. What are my chances?


    • Two Hearts Crochet says:

      Don’t worry, Laura! You can totally do these graphs using sc, hdc, or dc. I’d recommend using hdc, doing 2 hdc per block on the graph. You will also need to repeat each row in order to get the right height. Hope that helps!


  11. Laura Krystowski Kiesel says:

    Actually that does help! So I do 2 HDC, side by side for each block, the entire row. Then repeat the same row again so I essentially have 4 HDC for each block when all is said & done?


  12. Jessie says:

    I am so excited for the Game of Thrones CAL. Is there somewhere to sign up for notifications of when all the info is released? Also, I love the Star Trek and Harry Potter ones, I’m going to have a busy year! Do you have any plans for a Lord of the Rings CAL? You are very talented, thank you so much for allowing us all to follow your wonderful work!


    • Two Hearts Crochet says:

      Hi Jessie,

      If you want, you can subscribe via email. Just click on the “Join the Geekery!” button at the top-right of our website to sign up!

      I don’t have any immediate plans for a LOTR CAL, but I love the idea! Maybe soon? 🙂


  13. Nuala says:

    Hi there

    Thank God I found your Star Wars pattern. Im going to follow the straight HDC pattern that you have kindly supplied. I’m quite new to crochet although I understand that there is both an American and English version of the stitches. Can you tell me which one you use?
    Also I have printed versions of the patterns, can you clarify which way I work the first row….is it right to left, or left to right?
    Thank you for your help


  14. Nuala says:

    Hi there
    I previously viewed a tutorial on changing and carrying colours whilst doing a straight hdc. The tutorial was on the letter h. Can you please send me a link as u would rather keep it neat as I go along.
    Thank you again.


  15. Shayla carter says:

    I am currently working on the princess one
    One with just princess’ and one with princess and villans
    I am working on your dino CAL as well
    Then it’s Dr who!
    It would be amazing if you could do a beauty and the beast CAL, just throwing that out there lol 😀😊

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Cheryl says:

    I’m getting ready to start the princess and villain cal. I wanna do all princesses for my great niece. Was wondering why the pic of the blanket has tinker bell but she’s not included in the patterns. Would really love to add her too.


    • Two Hearts Crochet says:

      Hi Carol! You can definitely do these blocks in bobble or popcorn stitches. I’m not sure about the stitch count (I’m not too familiar with those stitches, especially when they’re used in a graph design), but as long as you have one bobble per block on the graph, you should be good! ❤ ❤


  17. kara m Pierson says:

    I am doing the princess c2c and I want to add my daughters name but do not know how to do the letters. Are there any patterns that can help with this?


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