#MysteryAmi Crochet Along

Mystery Ami CAL.png

Brace yourselves: this may be the most exciting thing happening in 2018.

Starting on January 9th, I’ll be hosting a mystery ami crochet along right here at Two Hearts Crochet. That’s right! It’s the Mystery Ami CAL!

Every month, we’ll make at least one amigurumi doll, maybe more than one per month as the year goes on. Every week (on Tuesdays), a new piece of the ami pattern will be shared. We’ll start with the head and body, then the arms, then the hair, and then any last pieces necessary.

Interested? Trust me, you’re going to love it. These mini amis will be made in the same style as the other mini amis on this website (so feel free to poke around the amigurumi page to get a feel for the potential!).

The amis will be generally nerdy in nature (so think Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Bill Nye, etc.). Note: the Harry Potter amis I’ve been working on will not be part of this CAL, but their patterns will probably be coming out intermittently as we go along. Think of them as bonus amis!

Every week, you’ll get pattern instructions so you can crochet along with me and make your doll piece-by-piece.

Sound like fun? Sign up below for the #mysteryami crochet along!



Mystery Ami CAL Details


Mystery Ami CAL – January

This month, we’re making the very first doll of the Mystery Ami CAL! I’m super excited about this particular doll. We’ll be starting with a pretty easy, quick doll pattern, so you should be able to make each week’s portion of the pattern within an hour.

Mystery Ami CAL – February

February’s doll is a little bit larger and a little bit more difficult to make–but it’s still super nerdy (and cute)!