Princess Amigurumi

Looking to add a little bit of princess magic to your life? Look no further!

These princess patterns are some of the first amigurumi patterns I had ever made. Unfortunately, I don’t have any notes from the design process on these, so I apologize if there are mistakes (and there probably are some scattered throughout these patterns).

EDIT: Because I do not have any of my notes for these patterns anymore, I have decided that I will not be updating/correcting these patterns at this time.

To help make my princess dolls match with the other dolls I have created, I will be redoing the entire princess doll amigurumi series as a new “Mini Princess” ami set.

I might redo these particular patterns at a later date, if I can find the time and sum up the courage to attack these patterns again.

As such, these patterns rank as Intermediate+ on our difficulty chart.

Difficulty -IntermediatePlus

Disclaimer: These patterns are solely not-for-profit fan activities, and in no way intend to infringe on copyrights held by Disney, Disney Enterprises, or other professional Disney-related agencies.


Snow White

Hello, crafters! I’ve seen a few princess patterns floating around the web, and I just had to make my own. [Crafter’s note: coming up with your own complex patterns is the best way to increase your crochet skills! You learn so much and you really start to get an eye for how things are made.]… Continue reading Snow White


Cinderella Amigurumi Hello, crafters! I am so excited to post my pattern for Cinderella and her little friends. (I think the little mouse is just too cute!) Cinderella has one of the poofiest dresses of all of the Disney Princesses, so I amended the pattern I had originally created to do justice to her extra poofy dress.… Continue reading Cinderella


Once upon a time, there was a crafter who adored Princess Aurora. So she made her! I am SO excited about this pattern. I have always loved Sleeping Beauty, whether your version be Disney or Grimm. My biggest conflict in creating this pattern: pink or blue? I even whipped up a pattern for Aurora’s three “aunts”,… Continue reading Aurora

Ariel (Mermaid Version)

Ariel is here! I am so excited about this pattern for one of my favorite Disney princesses. I love everything about her, from her hair to her fins! (The star-shaped button was a fantastic find at a local yarn shop, and could possibly be my favorite part about this mermaid!) After much trouble trying to… Continue reading Ariel (Mermaid Version)

Ariel (Human Version)

One Princess Ariel? Wonderful. Two Princess Ariels? Fantastic! I couldn’t just stop with the mermaid version of Ariel–I find her blue dress and bow simply adorable, and I just had to make a human version of her in that dress. Enjoy! (Note: This pattern calls for some 6mm safety eyes. If you don’t have any,… Continue reading Ariel (Human Version)


Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…. I am so excited to announce the arrival of Belle, complete in her beautiful golden ballgown! I don’t know about you, but I used to dream about having that dress when I was a little girl. I still love it! And I especially love the… Continue reading Belle


Crafters, I am so excited about this pattern. I have always loved Jasmine for her spunk and her values. But when I set out to crochet her, I came across a very large roadblock: I didn’t know how to properly crochet legs. This pattern took a long time to develop because of that, but after… Continue reading Jasmine


Wingapo, crafters! It took longer than expected, but I am thrilled to introduce this pattern for Pocahontas. She is a little tricky to work in some places, mostly because there are a few places where you are crocheting in tight corners. But if you can stick with it, the results are spectacular! Pocahontas Amigurumi Materials Yarn colors:… Continue reading Pocahontas


Who is that girl I see? Why, it’s Mulan, of course! I am very excited about this pattern. The colors are just great, and I love the way her hair turned out (nice and not-curly, thanks to blocking)! And as a special bonus, I managed to work up an awesome pattern for our favorite real dragon, Mushu!… Continue reading Mulan


Hello, crafters! After a field of crafting fiascos, I am happy to finally share my pattern for Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog. A lot of hard work went into creating her (something I’m sure she’d appreciate!), and I love every detail about her. I hope you do, too! Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)… Continue reading Tiana

Charlotte “Lottie” la Bouff

I know, I know. Lottie isn’t technically a Disney princess. But how could I make Tiana and not her good friend Lottie? (Besides–she’s my favorite character from the movie. How could I not make her?!) I just love how Lottie turned out. Her hair is mostly made in one piece (the bangs are basically just an extension… Continue reading Charlotte “Lottie” la Bouff


Once upon a time, a single drop of sunlight fell from the heavens… And from that drop of sunlight became this crocheted amigurumi Rapunzel doll and her wonderful golden hair! I am so excited about this pattern, and I hope you are, too! I even made her a frying pan of her very own–you know,… Continue reading Rapunzel


Words cannot fully express how excited I am to share this pattern with you, crafters. Even with her wild and crazy hair, Merida turned out absolutely perfect. She is adorable and free-spirited and simply wonderful. Enjoy the pattern! Merida Amigurumi Yarn colors: cream/skin tone, teal, pale yellow, orange, brown and black. (I used up some miscellaneous yarns… Continue reading Merida


Do you want to build a snowman? How about a princess doll? I am very excited to share this pattern for Princess Anna of Arendale from Disney’s Frozen. She is super cute (and so is her little cape!), and I can’t wait to pair her up with her sister–and maybe Olaf, too! Happy crafting! Anna… Continue reading Anna


Not a Frozen fan? Let it go! Elsa is here at last, marking the end of a 3-month journey. She is the final Disney Princess pattern for the Two Hearts Crochet collection, and in true queenly fashion, she is lovely! Her hair is fierce, her cape is adorable, and her heart is pure gold. (Okay. It’s polyester… Continue reading Elsa

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