Solar System CAL

Are you ready for a project that is truly out-of-this-world amazing? Join me for a Solar System crochet along project!

What is the Solar System CAL?

This will be a 12 week blanket crochet along project. Each week, I’ll release a new part of the pattern. The blanket will be worked in the round and will be double-sided (although you can make it single-sided if you like).

We’ll make the sun and the orbits for all nine planets (Pluto is a planet, I say!), as well as the asteroid belt that lies between Mars and Jupiter. Each of the nine planets will be made as separate sew-on appliques, so you’ll be able to place each planet wherever you like on its orbit!

There will also be some bonus space-themed appliques to sew on, which will include: the moon, the International Space Station, Voyager-1, a space shuttle.

And, for fellow sci-fi nerds, there will even be some extra-bonus appliques for the T.A.R.D.I.S., the Death Star, and the U.S.S. Enterprise.

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Below is the schedule for the Solar System CAL weekly releases. As we get closer, a yardage chart/yarn recommendation list will be posted on this web page as well.

The CAL begins Friday, January 5, 2018.

  • Sun – January 5
  • Mercury & Venus – January 12
  • Earth – January 19
  • Mars & Asteroid Belt – January 26
  • Jupiter – February 2
  • Saturn – February 9
  • Neptune – February 16
  • Uranus – February 23
  • Pluto – March 2
  • Attaching Planets – March 9
  • Bonus Science Appliques (moon, ISS, Voyager-1, space shuttle) – March 16
  • Bonus Sci-Fi Appliques (T.A.R.D.I.S., Death Star, U.S.S. Enterprise) – March 23

The Solar System Blanket