Star Trek: Voyager

“Coffee – the finest organic suspension ever devised.”
-Captain Kathryn Janeway-

I will admit that it took many seasons of Star Trek: Voyager for me to really enjoy it. I don’t know if it was the slow start or the long trek through the Kazon territory, but I had a hard time with it! That being said, it also made me the saddest when it ended. I have come to really love Voyager, and it might even place second in my heart. After all, what’s not to love about all of these characters?! (Plus, recurring Barclay episodes!) For now, the crew of Voyager are the last of my Star Trek amis. Star Trek: Enterprise may come at a later date, but for now, this is it. And it’s been so much fun.

This PDF pattern sets features patterns for the main crew: Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry, Paris, B’elanna, the EMH Doctor, Seven of Nine, and Neelix. Which one is your favorite?


You can download the PDF pattern set here.

For these patterns, we recommend a size D3/3.25mm crochet hook, as well as aran- or worsted-weight yarn in a variety of colors. The patterns call for 6mm plastic safety eyes, but you can opt to embroider the eyes on instead, if you prefer. We also use crochet thread (you can substitute embroidery floss) to put on some of the details, such as the Starfleet insignias on the uniforms or Chakotay’s tattoo.

Please make sure you read the pattern notes on page 2 of the PDF for some important information about the patterns!

I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I’ve enjoyed making them. Many thanks (and many cups of coffee, black) for all of the amazing crafters that donated their time to test out these patterns and make them ready for publishing!