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Why I Love Graphghans (PLUS the 5 Steps to Making Any Graphghan)

I've broken down the entire graphghan-making process into five small steps. By following these steps in order, you'll be able to easily work your way through the process of designing and actually crocheting your own graphghan. And the best part? These five steps work for any crocheted graph project!


Coming Soon: the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket

Happy Wednesday, crafters! In an effort to continue my crochet education, I've decided to try and learn a new stitch once in a while. Such a radical idea, I know! What started off as a swatch has now become the workings of a baby blanket for some family friends, who are expecting their first baby… Continue reading Coming Soon: the V-ery Snuggly Baby Blanket