Upcoming Crochet Alongs

So what’s a Crochet Along?

A crochet along (or CAL) is an event where a crochet designer releases pieces of her pattern at scheduled intervals – every week, for example.

Here at Two Hearts, my CALs are usually for blankets made up of squares that are stitched together at the end. You can find all of my previous CALs here. However, I am planning a very fun year-long amigurumi CAL for 2018 – more details below!

Ready to find out what CALs are on my to-do list for the next several months? Take a look at the list below!


Two Hearts Crochet Alongs

November-December 2017

  • At this time, I have not planned any major CAL projects due to the holiday season. There may be some small projects here and there as time permits.

Plans for 2018

2018 is fast approaching! Here’s what I’ve got cooking for next year: