Upcoming CALs!

Want to know what’s on the to-do list here at Two Hearts Crochet? Take a look at the upcoming CALs for 2017 (and possibly beyond)!

February-March 2017

  • Firefly CAL
  • You can find all the shiny details about the Firefly CAL here!
  • The Firefly CAL starts Friday, February 3rd!

April-June 2017

  • Game of Thrones CAL
  • There will be a total of 14 rectangular panels to choose from (dimensions are still TBD), which will feature the following houses/groups:
    • House Stark
    • House Lannister
    • House Baratheon (as in Robert Baratheon)
    • House Baratheon (as in Stannis Baratheon)
    • House Targaryen
    • House Arryn
    • House Tyrell
    • House Martell
    • House Greyjoy
    • House Tully
    • House Frey
    • House Bolton
    • House Mormont
    • House Baelish
  • Other possible designs might include:
    • House Clegane
    • The Lord of Light
    • The Many-Faced God of Death
    • The Old Gods
    • The Seven
    • Dothraki
  • The GoT CAL will start Friday, April 7th!

August-October 2017

  • Crafter’s Choice CAL
  • The votes are in–the Crafter’s Choice CAL will be a Peanuts CAL!
  • View the poll here!
  • Further details to come, but it will start Friday, August 4th!

November-December 2017

  • At this time, I have not planned any major CAL projects due to the holiday season. There may be some small projects here and there as time permits.

Stay tuned for more details all of these projects!