Marine Life Blanket CAL

Marine Life CAL Square Post

15 weeks, 12+ sea critters, and everything you need to finish and assemble your blanket… The Marine Life CAL is going to be an absolute splash!

What is the Marine Life Crochet Along?

The Marine Life Crochet Along (or ML CAL for short) is a 15-week blanket crochet along project. This blanket will be made up of 12 separate Corner-to-Corner (C2C) squares. Each square will be have a simple single crochet border. Sandwiched in between all of the squares will be a handful of decorative, interlocking panels using the ripple stitch.

NOTE: I’m still trying to determine the approximate size of this finished blanket. Check back here for more info on finished size soon!

The first 12 parts of the CAL will consist of a different form of marine life (think sharks, octopus, etc.).

Part 13 will cover adding borders and dealing with those pesky yarn tails.

In part 14, we’ll make the interlocking ripple stitch panels that outline each square–don’t worry, there’ll be a detailed tutorial!

And lastly, we’ll talk about assembling your Marine Life blanket in part 15 (including how to line your blanket with fleece, if you so choose).

As each part of the CAL becomes available, it will be pinned to the bottom of this page.


Is this blanket easy enough for a beginner?

If you’re familiar with graphghans and/or the C2C stitch, this will be as easy as making a splash in a puddle. But if you’re not familiar with either of those things, you may find it a little more challenging. As such, I’ve listed this project under the “Intermediate” skill level according to the standards set by the Craft Yarn Council.

Difficulty -Intermediate

If that makes you nervous about diving into this project,  don’t worry! I’ve got some great resources for you in the next paragraph.


What do I need to know to get started?

Before starting this blanket project, I recommend that you have at least some experience with making graphghans, even if only a little. But if you’ve never done a graphghan before, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered!

This particular blanket will be made in the Corner-to-Corner (or C2C) stitch. If you want to learn more about this particular stitch, check out my free video tutorial series: The Corner-To-Corner Basics.

Graphghan Boot Camp - SquareIf you want to learn even more about graphghans in general (including detailed tutorials on changing colors, carrying your yarn, bobbins, etc.), take a look at my Graphghan Boot Camp (GBC) online course! Registration for Graphghan Boot Camp is open NOW. This course teaches you every single thing that you need to know about graphghans. It’s packed with all of my very best tips, tricks, and “industry secrets”–plus, it comes with 20+ pages of helpful freebie cheat sheets!

To learn more about GBC, click here.

Trust me, anyone can make a graphghan–including you!


What will this blanket look like?

Ocean Squares

The ML blanket will be made up of 12 squares and some decorative interlocking panels that use the raised ripple stitch. Specific instructions for these decorative panels, as well as a video tutorial on the stitch itself, will be provided in part 14 of the CAL.

I’m still putting the final touches on the blanket itself, but I hope to have an actual photo to share soon. In the meantime, here is a mock-up of the design!


Will there be email reminders for this crochet along?

Absolutely! After each part is posted here on this page, I’ll send an email reminder to everyone on the Marine Life CAL email list. That email will have a photo or two and a direct link to that part of the CAL.

If you want the email reminders, click here to sign up for the ML CAL email list.


What kind of materials do I need?

For this project, I recommend Stylecraft Special DK yarn and G/4.00mm hook. I’ll also be using the Corner-to-Corner stitch.

Update 8/28/2018: There were a couple of typos on the materials list! You’ll only need 6 skeins of Duck Egg and 5 skeins of Storm Blue. Apologies!

You can find the materials list for this project here, which includes the estimated yarn amounts in the different colors used for this blanket. Note: this materials list does not include any yarn for the bonus squares.

Below is the schedule for the Marine Life CAL weekly releases. Bonus squares will be released sometime during the CAL.

The Marine Life CAL begins Friday, September 7th, 2018.

  • Part 1 – September 7th – Starfish
  • Part 2 – September 14th – Blue Whales
  • Part 3 – September 21st – Crab
  • Part 4 – September 28th – Sea Turtle
  • Part 5 – October 5th – Great White Sharks
  • Part 6 – October 12th – Octopus
  • Part 7 – October 19th – Seahorses
  • Part 8 – October 26th – Bottlenose Dolphin
  • Part 9 – November 2nd – Manta Ray
  • Part 10 – November 9th – Orca Whales
  • Part 11 – November 16th – Tropical Fish
  • Part 12 – November 30th – Angler Fish
  • Part 13 – December 7th – Borders, Tails, and Bonus Graphs
  • Part 14 – December 14th – Decorative Ripple Stitch Panels
  • Part 15 – December 21st – Assembly & Backing Your Marine Life Blanket

the little mermaid sebastian GIF by Disney

Part 1

This week, we’re starting Part 1 of the CAL. The first square is one of my favorites of the entire project, and it features two adorable and cheery yellow starfish!

Part 2

This week’s square features a mother and baby blue whale. This was one of the first squares that I designed for this project, and I absolutely adore how it turned out.

Part 3

Today we’re starting Part 3 of this blanket, which features a cute little crab, and I’m getting a bunch of Little Mermaid/Sebastian the crab vibes, aren’t you?

Part 4

This week we’re making one of my favorite squares this week for Part 4 of the CAL: a sea turtle! I absolutely adore how this square turned out. Heads up: the color changes are a bit more challenging for this square, but just be patient, use bobbins, and take your time, because the end effect is worth the effort!

Part 5

Today I’m sharing Part 5 of the Marine Life CAL, which features one of my all-time favorite sea creatures…sharks!

Part 6

This week’s square is a delightful (and bright!) little octopus, and while it looks like he only has six legs, I promise you that he has all eight of them–the others are just hiding behind him!

Part 7

This week, we’re starting Part 7 of the ML CAL, which features a very cute pair of seahorses. This square is personally my favorite out of the entire blanket!

Part 8

Today we’re starting Part 8 of the Marine Life CAL, which features a cute little critter that just had to make an appearance on this blanket…a bottlenose dolphin!

Part 9

Another Friday, another square for the Marine Life CAL!

This week, we’re making one of my favorite squares of the blanket: the manta ray!

Part 10

Part 10 of the CAL features a momma and baby orca whale. Aren’t they cute? I just love that little calf!

Part 11

This week, we start Part 11 of the ML CAL, which features two adorable little tropical fish. They do look a bit familiar, don’t they? Hmm…

Part 12

This little guy is equal parts cute and creepy. I love angler fish and knew that I had to make one for this blanket…and I am so happy with how he turned out!

Part 13

This week, we’re talking about borders, tails, and bonus graphs–oh my!